Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photo walls and feature walls

My friend Olivia and I were just discussing photo walls and feature walls, as she's just bought an apartment and has a blank canvas with which to work. I saw a great photo wall recently in a magazine where the frames were all white, small, decorative French Provincial style. It looked really gorgeous and was a nice point of difference to the usual black frames with cream or white mountboards like what I have - pictured. Then again, it does depend on what type of photos you're framing. Pretty white ones are great for family snaps, whereas the darker frames with mountboard give photos a kind of gallery look.
We were also discussing whether feature walls have had their day, and whether a wallpaper feature wall is better than a painted one. Open to discussion. Post your comments.


  1. Alice, thank you for the mention in your blog!! The photo wall is fantastic inspiration, as was your detailed email. I recently bought my first ever 'home' style magazine and a friend lent me 'Frankie' which was a great quirky read. I am now itching to move in and design/decorate!!

  2. If only we lived in the same area, Liv, I could give you so many home mags. Anyway, I'm sure you'll create a beautiful space that's all your own lovely creative ideas. Can't wait to see some pics.