Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vintage design

As a children's book editor, I'm always looking for new illustrative design talent, and there's certainly amazing Australian illustrators out there. I constantly marvel at a designer or illustrator's ability to take a brief from an editor and turn a scene from a book or a handful of concepts into something eye-catching and appealing. Especially when the target market is a discerning 11-year-old!
Today I'm focusing on design from the past, though. Over the past year I've been on the lookout for retro book designs to adorn the walls of my daughter's room. I have found some gems from the 1950s and paid only a couple of dollars per book. I share photos of them here. Even the spines are visually rich. It's an inexpensive, interesting and original way to decorate.

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  1. I love the retro book ends and think the idea of bringing these old books to life is a terrific idea. Lucinda must have a wonderful space to grow up in!