Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday sauntering

What a lovely day it's been. Saturdays are always great because my husband's at home and we go exploring. We both love discovering new towns, markets, cafes. We rose early with bub and went to Wilsons, which is a great little fruit and veg and gourmet food market/shop in Ballarat. We stocked up on lunch supplies and then decided to see if there were any garage sales nearby. We had stumbled on an amazing one a few weeks earlier, which admittedly was more like a shabby chic/provincial furniture market than a garage sale, so we thought we could repeat our luck! We ended up in the gorgeous little town of Bunninyong outside Ballarat and went to the local farmers' market and an outdoor church fete/market. We didn't find any provincial furniture but stocked up on toys for bub - a box of Lego Duplo for $2, blocks for 50 cents, a book for 50 cents, and some cute red patterned gumboots for $3 that she'll grow into. My husband also bought chutneys and lemon butter (he loves it) and I bought giant carrots and zucchinis from the farmers' market. What a lovely day of meandering and meeting the locals. We then had a gorgeous afternoon with my mum and grandma and sister and nephews over for lunch. The sun shone so we sat outside and ate and read magazines and chatted and ate some more. A glorious Saturday. Here's some pics from Bunninyong.

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