Monday, March 22, 2010

Brown paper packages tied up with string

I always love getting a parcel on the front doorstep and one of the advantages of living in a country town is that this happens quite a bit because I shop online and get things delivered. Of course the disadvantage is that you can't buy everything in Ballarat - despite some very good shops. Anyway, today I went for a walk and returned home to find a lovely box on my front doorstep wrapped in brown paper. It was from a shop in Melbourne called My Poppet, which I've never actually been into, but that sells very cute kids' stuff. Today the delivery was four cute coloured melamine cups beautifully wrapped in pink and green tissue and in a vintage-style skipping rope box.
I should also add that country living has other advantages too - everyone says hello when you walk past, the postman handed me my letters this morning, a shop I went into today gave my baby girl a free pair of socks, and I can walk to cafes, the train station, the lake, shops, the library, and the cinema all within 20 minutes! Having been a city girl all my adult life, I do find some things hard to get used to - today I saw a tractor driving down the street and someone carrying horse saddles. Ballarat is actually a country city and is quite big so this was unusual but it does remind one of the farms and properties not very far away.


  1. Thanks, I'm glad you like the cups. I like to recycle my packaging so sometimes cute shipping boxs are a bonus. I'm keeping the online shop going so you can still visit whenever you like, and i'm running an offer at the momnet on the online shop 20% off if you use the code KEWPIE, just thought you might like to know. Thanks for your support
    Cheers Cintia

  2. Thanks for the tip regarding the 20% discount! And do keep up the recycled packaging whenever you can. The skipping rope box made it exciting to open!