Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two beautiful photos

Again, I can't claim that I took these photos. Both are by my mum on her recent journey to France and England. The rooftops are of course Parisian. The grove of trees reminds me of an old Henri Cartier-Bresson photo that I love. Anyway, I find both photos beautiful and inspiring and hope you do too!

Fun furnishings

It's been a joy to decorate my daughter's room. It's been great fun taking pieces from our house and placing them in her room - a model London bus, our old red Ikea couch that we bought thirteen years ago!, and a Tintin in Saigon lacquered picture, among other objects. I've also loved finding pre-loved pieces that I think she'll enjoy one day - a vintage pram from a garage sale, the little Provincial style chest of drawers pictured, which was bought at a church flea market, and old picture books that I've framed.
The photos above show the huge difference that decorating walls can make. The lower photo was taken when we had a small gallery of pictures on her wall, and the one above is the current decor featuring beautiful Cath Kidston wallpaper that my sister-in-law, Pip, gave to us. We just had enough to cover the wall next to the window, and I think it makes the perfect feature wall - pretty and girly without being pink! Decorating that wall with wallpaper meant moving all the other pictures to the larger wall, and I think this works to great effect so that we now have a gallery of pictures. Already my daughter delights in looking up at all the different colours.
It's nice to be able to put hooks in the wall after so many rental properties, and we'll no doubt change the pictures around as time goes by.

Cool photo

This is actually a photo my mum recently took in Paris. I just love it! He looks very cool but the car loaded with what looks like his wordly goods is so cutesy and compact. I think the street scene behind is very chic, the boulangerie and bar are very quintessentially Parisian. Is he waiting for his love? Annoyed that someone hasn't turned up to meet him? Accidentally parked in a pedestrian zone? Every picture tells a story.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Beautiful Ballarat

Blogging has taken a major backseat lately as I've been juggling motherhood, freelance editing and having guests to stay. So, if anyone is still reading the blog, I thought I'd share these photos that I took a few weeks ago. For those of you who've heard that there's no water in the lake in Ballarat, you might not believe that these pics are indeed of the lake. We've had a lot of rainfall, and while the lake isn't even half full, it did look like it on this wintery evening.