Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tea for two

To get my blog up and running, I thought I'd add a few posts on the same day. Here's some gorgeous teacups collected from English markets and the T2 shop in Melbourne. T2 has glorious teas from all around the world and has some beautiful vintage and Turkish inspired cups and saucers that I can never resist (and you can buy T2 online!). Last Christmas my husband bought me some more for my collection (well, I bought them and he gave them to me!). You can never have too many pretty teacups and it's the perfect thing to use when posh guests or grandma or aunties come to visit!


  1. Hello Alice,

    I thought I would bring to the attention of you & your followers a beautiful little mag called Boho. A mixture of design, fashion & "style". I recommend searching out the real thing rather than the online version as a lot of the charm is lost.

    And just quickly before I go, I visited the Manly Markets this weekend & found this fab interior stall of the most charming but ecletic furniture. Their chairs would look great in your home. They carried the business name S.H.E but sadly I have not found them online. I also stumbled across some homemade jewellery which is very very good. I can provide details if anyone likes, I made a purchase of $15 & have received many comments.

  2. I will definitely look out for Boho and S.H.E furniture. They sound like fab finds.