Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To everything there is a season

May is one of those months when the change of the seasons is electric in the air. When I lived in England, May meant long drives in the countryside to see baby animals and wild daffodils. I remember driving through the New Forest and seeing foals trotting through villages and them being so bold as to walk alongside cars. Spring in England is palpable and long looked forward to after months of biting cold and short days.
Here in Ballarat, I've discovered that May means streets lined with russet and golden trees, crisp mornings, chilly evenings and luminous sunsets. 
I went for a long walk today to admire Ballarat, in what I imagine to be her best season. I haven't yet lived here a year so I haven't seen all the changes, but today the sky is bright blue, the sun is shining and with every step there's crunchy leaves underfoot. Winter is on its way bringing its own mood, but for now I'm enjoying the vivid colours, the relative mild weather and the opportunity to admire the picture-perfect scenery.


  1. Oh yes I love Autumn too. The feeling of changes happening, colder weather, walking in the dark at 6am and watching the sunrise !

  2. Ooh, not sure about walking in the dark at 6am but the rest of it really is superb! Then again, I imagine having the seaside to one's self early in the morning is very atmospheric.