Friday, May 21, 2010

Thinking outside the frame

All of us would undoubtedly like to own artworks by famous masters or up and coming artists. I did once visit an illustrator in her home in London and among her many framed paintings, there was an original sketch by Matisse. How the other half live! 
My home has many vintage travel posters and dozens of framed photos, but today I thought I'd also tell you about a few ideas for interesting and inexpensive wall decorations.
I've included three photos to give you some (hopeful) interior design inspiration. One of my framed treasures is actually a teatowel. I saw it in a magazine and ordered it online. I couldn't resist the kitsch design and 'London, Lovely Home' writing. I just wanted to look at it, rather than soil it with dishwater! Another is a gorgeous cushion cover that I bought in a rural area of southern China. It was bought from a tribeswoman, and she was very reluctant to sell such exquisite work. It's all handmade and immaculately woven, and I imagine she felt emotional about parting with such a labour of love. I'd love to put a cushion in it and place it on the couch but I don't want it getting food spills, so instead I keep it safe in a frame where I can admire it on top of my bedroom mantlepiece. Another wall hanging is a piece of wrapping paper bought in Barcelona. It cost only a few euros but is very funky and fun and adorns my hallway. The great thing is that I can easily justify replacing it when I tire of it! There are a lot of gorgeous wrapping paper designs around, whether it be vintage ABC posters for kids, maps of cities or the world, or circus imagery, there's loads to choose from.
Oh, and a tip is that Ikea has tasteful, sturdy frames in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.


  1. You've reminded me I have a roll of gorgeous Paperchase wrapping paper that I have saved for a special occasion... but can't bear to cut it up and give it away... so I'll frame it! Perfect!

  2. I love the London tea towel!! Its very cute. I have a funky 'LOVE' tea towel I bought in London at Indian Summer on Fulham rd. I was thinking on wrapping and stapling it around a cheap canvas...but the frame is probably a nicer idea.

  3. Ah, Indian Summer. Such happy memories of browsing in that beautiful shop!

  4. I happened to be in Indian Summer yesterday. Buying hard to find sweeties as it turned out! Flying saucers and space dust. YUM!