Thursday, June 17, 2010

A watery perspective

It's a watery kind of day today. Rain and hail have been downpouring almost all of last night and this morning. Every time I look out a window I see streaks of rain. The weather made me think of these watery reflection photos so I thought I'd share them with you. For those of you looking to improve your photography skills, these types of photos are a great way to have a fresh and unusual perspective. Reflections can be beautiful, moody and even scary. 
The top image was taken in France and I love its vivid colours. It's happy and bright and makes me think of summer and a dip in the sea (although ironically it was actually taken in December in the Northern Hemisphere winter); the middle image was taken in Venice and evokes an eerie feeling in me; the last image was taken just a few months ago at Ercildoune Homestead outside of Ballarat. It reminds me of the dappled light and pointillism of an Impressionist (Georges Seurat) painting.


  1. These are fantastic photos Al Pal! Cheered me right up reading your blog today