Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The humble side table

When I was small, my Nanna had a number of little tables in her house. I used to love them because they were the right size for me, but she must have loved them as handy spots to place a cup of tea or a magazine or book. Sometime in my teenage years, I thought side tables were for old people, but now I discover I unwittingly have three in my house! My side tables mainly act as display spaces for books, ceramics and my many cherished photos, and the one next to my couch is the perfect height for placing a drink. Side tables also mean that more is on display (I'm not a minimalist), which means you're more likely to pick up that cookbook you've been meaning to read for eons or play that chess set that you bought while travelling three years ago. So, today I'm honouring the humble side table because of its versatility and usefulness. Here's my three pictured.

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  1. More beautiful decorating ideas - you have such a gorgeous sense of style. Thanks for the inspiration