Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Yesterday we had a rare ray of sunshine and I took the opportunity to do some long overdue weeding of the garden. I have grand hopes for my garden but of course need to spend many hours pruning and planting, weeding and watering, before the vision in my head will be tangible. 
As I'm new to gardening, I've been reading magazines and even a few gardening books about what I should be doing in each season. Ballarat is of course far colder than most of Australia so I'm assuming that if someone says to do something in August, then I can do it in September. 
As inspiration for me and you, I've included here some photos of beautiful gardens that I've been privileged to go to. Capability Brown's famous Stourhead garden is the first photo (top to bottom), and one of my all-time favourite places. It's grand and set around a lake, and ornamental temples and grottoes dot the landscape. The second photo was taken at Scotney Castle, a beautiful quintessentially English garden. Yves Saint Laurent's Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech with its tropical plants and bright yellows, blues and greens is next. Followed by the ornamental gardens in Palace Baiha, also in Marrakech. The final photo was in my English gardens file, and I must admit that I can't recall which garden it was taken at. This is what happens when one is passionate about English gardens and has visited so many!
I hope you enjoy these images and they inspire you to create your garden, albeit likely on a slightly less grand scale!

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